Today’s Finds…Toddler Art Project Ideas…When to Throw Out Food…more…

Toddler Art Project Ideas…When to Throw Out Food…Sunburn Prevention and Treatment…Zucchini Fritters…More…

car sear safety

Car Seat Safety Tips for Parents

During the Summer driving season, it’s important to keep your young children safe while riding around the country or running afternoon errands. Check this list out

How Long Will the Food in My Refrigerator or Pantry Last?

Here are are some guidelines on how to interpret those “Use By” or expiration dates on your food. You may be unwittingly throwing out things that are still good, or holding on to items that should have been discarded months ago…

Sunburn Treatment and Prevention Tips

Dr. Mercola has an excellent post on sunburn prevention, as well as advice on how to soothe a sunburn once the damage is done.

Art Projects For Toddlers

If you have young children at home, you’ll want to take on some of these fun and whimsical toddler art projects! You’ll keep the kiddos busy and stimulated, and they may get an early lesson in art appreciation!

Zucchini Fritters

Here’s a scrumptious recipe for Summer (or any time of year) – Zucchini Fritters! They’re nourishing, and the whole family will beg for more. Note: To add more color, substitute yellow squash for some of your zucchini…


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