Today’s Finds…Repurpose those toilet paper rolls…Time Management tips…more…

Easy Banana Almond Milk “Ice Cream” for the Kids…Fun Road Trip Games…etc.

family road trip

Time Management and Organization

Feeling overwhelmed at the moment? It may be a good time to stop and get your life de-cluttered. Here are some great time management tips to help get you more relaxed and effective each moment of the day…

Easy Frozen Summer Delight

Here’s a delicious frozen dessert recipe that’s easy to make, full of simple ingredients, and sure to please the entire family – Banana Almond Milk Ice Cream

Are we there yet?

Keeping your kids entertained on a long road trip can be a challenge. Try these Road Trip Games to make the time pass quickly…

Save those Rolls!

If you happen have any spare toilet paper rolls lying around the house you have lots of summer craft project options waiting for your kids!


Have a joy-filled and productive day!!! TFH

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