Apps to help your child’s handwriting… Lunch ideas… more…

Potty Training Mistakes…Fight Rising Food Costs…Apps to help your child’s handwriting…Child-Centered Parenting…

improve handwriting

Chicken Scratch

Is your child’s handwriting illegible or need some improvement? It’s time to make writing practice fun with these 5 apps…

Better Potty Training

If you’re going through the potty training process with your toddler, be sure to avoid these 5 mistakes

Spoiled Rotten

Last week we visited the topic of hard work and instilling a strong work ethic in your children. Kids need to learn early on that they are capable of accomplishing lots of difficult tasks. Don’t spoil your child!

Food Inflation

Prices at the supermarket have definitely been rising lately, and it’s important to be savvy to keep your budget in check. Check out these tips to help combat rising food costs

Lunch Variety

Finally,  If you’re kids are bored with their current lunch options, and variety to their plate or lunchbox with these 15 lunch ideas

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