Distracted teen driving…Help your child focus in school…more

Quick dinner ideas…Stop your child’s whining and crying…Distracted teen driving…Natural ways to help your child focus in school

Teen Texting and Driving

Pay Attention!

With ADD and ADHD running rampant in society, it’s hard to keep your child focused in the classroom. Hear are some natural and drug-free ways that might help him or her be more attentive at school…

What’s for Dinner?

It seems we’ve all been in a rush lately, but preparing a healthy dinner the whole family will love should always be a priority. Here are some meal ideas to try out this week

Distracted Teen Driver

Your teenage driver is bombarded with distractions on the road, but a new technology may make texting while driving a thing of the past…

Whiny Child

Children can really test and manipulate you with their whining and crying. Here are some tips on how to corral this bad behavior…

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