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How To Make Your Child Interested in Music?


By Hermione Cruz

We are all born with an innate talent for something – it just depends on what straw you draw! However, to give you an example, I was born to be a footballer – and this is not one of those “I could have been” stories – but my parents never pushed me to play all the time and I never properly got into football until it was too late, but to this day despite never playing for a professional team I am still by far and away the best player of my group.

To harness your child’s emotions and powers, you need to push them and make sure they can pursue the things they are most talented at. However, there is a balance between pushing them to be successful and coming across as needy to live the dream you never could. This is much the case when it comes to music. As a kid, I always loved music, I would dance around to my father’s reggae CDs and always had a natural affluence to the music, but I know friends who have children who no matter what their children just do not find music interesting. Music for toddlers is a vital part of the learning process – if you don’t bother getting into music until you are a little bit older, you miss out on so many great moments and memories in your life.

Music is a huge part of life, so it’s up to you to really show your kid what they are missing out on. For example, from a young age you should sing to your child. Music plays a significant part of your child’s development, so from the day you become pregnant you should be singing to your child! Even if, like me, you are tone deaf, they will still love it.

When your child is just learning to walk, too, you should dance with them; you will need to give them a hand walking anyway, so have a little boogie with your kid! This creates happy, early memories for your child to remember you by and the music will play a key part in that memory.

If your child is a little older, you should start to share with them your music collection, let them hear your favourite songs and albums, and tell them about the artist. Nothing fascinated me more to hear about Bob Marley and Bob Dylan from my mother and father, the storied lives they lead, and it always made me interested in music, as well as teaching me that there were different types of music.

Another brilliant idea is to enrol your child in music school. Music school for children is a fantastic environment for them to embrace creativity, let them make new friends and also learn about different type of music – including musicals!

Take your child to her first gig. My little cousin was really uninterested by music, and I took him to see Counting Crows. From that day on he’s really enjoyed music and now we got to a gig every few months together – his parents had never really bothered to teach him about music and how important it is to morale and the soul, so I felt it was my job to do so.

As long as you can bring enthusiasm, creativity, and knowledge to the table – your kid will appreciate music the more you teach them about it.

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