Growing Mesclun in your Garden…

1. For our Mesclun patch, we started with a Mesclun seed pack that contained several types of lettuce (Romaine, Bibb, Oak Leaf, Salad Bowl) as well as other greens such as Russian Kale, Endive and Arugula. We spread the seeds liberally in an area about 6 feet long and 2 feet wide.

Mesclun Seeds for Garden

2. After a few weeks, we have a nice stand of mesclun greens.

Row of Baby Greens (Mesclun)

3. We can pick leaves any time for a refreshing salad (topped with healthy blue cheese dressing, of course)

Harvesting Mesclun

4. We can also dig up and transplant a few seedlings of the more desirable lettuce varieties to a different location in our garden and let them grow into a mature head.

Transplanting Lettuce

5. We use the Square Foot Gardening method, and plant 4 plants to a square.

Mesclun Transplants

6. We water immediately after transplanting to help keep the plants from going into transplant shock.

Watering Mesclun Transplants

7. Lettuce grows quickly, and in a few more weeks, we can harvest our crop.

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